All in one VRay Webinars PACK
All the TRUTH about PHOTO-Real 3D!

Hey, Alex here and this time I’m bringing YOU the MEGA VRay Training Pack! FULL collection of over 25 hours Recorded Webinars. 

Everything from setting up a scene, configuring lighting, tweaking materials and rendering settings, performing PHOTOREAL post production by using Photoshop and some unique plugins that only PRO 3D Artists use.

Yep, we are talking about 14 webinars that will blow your mind away and open your eyes to the TRUTH behind Realistic 3D Renderings.

All this followed by unique Downloads and special Bonuses, like rendering presets, exterior scenes, exclusive Photoshop lens flares…and much more!

Off course I’ll be there too :) to back YOU up, answer your questions! And make sure you’ll succeed in everything you recap from this exclusive VRAY WEBIANRS PACK!

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